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Deborah Kass- Before and Happily Ever After Book

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The first comprehensive book accompanying a major exhibition by the painter Deborah Kass. More than any artist of the last thirty years, New York City-based painter Deborah Kass has made it her life's work to position women artists on the great paternal playing field of art history. From her early paintings of the sea pounding rocky shores to her eponymous Warhol Project series and her recent text-based works, Kass has quite literally fired the canon, challenged the status quo, and refigured art history. The book features in-depth essays by a panoply of important figures, including Robert Storr, renowned curator, professor, and onetime subject of a Kass painting, and Griselda Pollock, one of the most important feminist art historians in the field. The volume can be seen as both a primer on feminist movements of the past thirty years and as a potent wake-up call to the establishment that artists of Kasss caliber must be at the forefront of todays art world.

Written by Eric Shiner, Contribution by Robert Storr, Griselda Pollack, Lisa Liebmann and Brooks Adams

Paperback, 256 pages, 12.4 x 9.3 inches.

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