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Where's Warhol Book

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Spot Warhol in the corridors of the Bauhaus or the Sistine Chapel as he and his famous friends pop up in 12 spectacles of art history. Expand your art horizons and indulge in some celebrity spotting: all ages will enjoy this original take on a classic format.

Written by Catherine Ingram, Illustrated by Andrew Rae

Scenes include:
Studio 54

The Garden of Artistic Delights

Michelangelo Paints the Sistine Chapel

Marie Antoinette's Execution


On the Beach, Trouville

The Bauhaus

Dali's "A Surrealistic Night in an Enchanted Forest"

Yves Klein at the Kodakan Judo Institute

Opening of the Friday Kahlo Retrospective at the Galeria De Arte Contemporaneo

Groovy Bob's Art Scene

Basquiat at Washington Square Park

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